Our types of meeting

People have meetings in order to achieve things.

There is a proper meeting style for every purpose. Tuesday's distinguishes between 4 different types of meetings. The nature of the meeting informs the meeting room layout, the kinds of meeting tools to be used and the programme for the day.Your meeting may incorporate aspects of different types of meetings. Want to learn more? Read on!

1. Efficient meeting

This type of meeting does not involve a lot of complexity or collaboration. Does that sound boring? On the contrary, it’s fun! And often quite necessary, as well. After all, in this type of meeting, you will look at the progress to date, the arrangements you have agreed on and the timeline you have drawn up. What is working well, and what could be improved? This type of meeting is also known as a ‘progress meeting’. (Yes, that does sound rather boring, but the meeting itself does not have to be boring at all.)


Before you come to us, we will send you a list of keysuccess factors and pitfalls to beware of in this type of meeting. This will allow you to be truly efficient!

2. Effective meeting

This type of meeting is characterised by a high level of complexity and a low level of collaboration. So basically, everyone will just be listening? Great. That’s extremely useful. After all, a great deal ofknowledge will be imparted – e.g. in the form of a training session orpresentation. You can share information simply by telling your story, whileremaining seated all the while, but our meeting tools will make such a meetinga lot more fun (and more effective as a result).

Needless to say, we will provide you with a list of key success factors and things to watch out for in your meeting.

3. Creative meeting

By all means, have a good brainstorming session! Afterall, if you’re hosting a creative meeting, you’re hoping to jointly devise a solution to a complex issue. This type of meeting is highly complex and requires a great deal of collaboration. What you want is to challenge each other in a positive manner to think outside the box. All ideas count! Tuesday's creative tools will help you think laterally. You will arrive at a solution inno time, without your meeting descending into chaos.

We’ll send you the dos and dont's of a creative meeting beforehand, to help you prepare properly.

‍4. Involved meeting

This type of meeting, which isn’t particularly complex, is characterised by a high level of collaboration. The focus here is on people and personal and interpersonal relations, rather than on knowledge to be gained or tasks to be completed. A bit of coaching or team-building will make you and your team keener, more highly motivated and more productive. How wonderful does that sound? This approach requires more than just a table and seats. Thankfully, we have everything you’ll need.

Naturally, we will send you some handy tips that will help you make the most of your creative meeting!

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