Outstanding views, high-end facilities and the very best spot within our meeting centre. UnforgetTable will give you an experience that lasts.

Fantastic view
High speed internet
Tv with connectivity panel
Flexible setup
Online hostess service

UnforgetTable will allow you to impress people nomatter what kind of meeting you’re hosting. The room allows for flexible seating arrangements and is well suited to a boardroom set-up with great views of Rotterdam. If you wish to host an important presentation, a theatre-style will do very nicely in this room. The exact nature of the set-up doesn’t matter in this room; your guests will will have an unforgettable meeting, anyway.

Since this meeting room comes equipped with a minibar, coffeemaker, cold water, special meeting tools and two very comfortable armchairs, you probably won’t even want to leave it! Even so, we recommend that you take a break outside the room every once in a while, so that when you comeback, you’ll be surprised by everything UnforgetTable has to offer.


Are you ready to impress your guests? If so,UnforgetTable will be a great choice for you.