It's nice to meet you

Tuesday's, the best day for a meeting.

Did you know that Tuesday is the best day of the weekto hold a meeting? On Tuesdays, very few people take a day off, and everyonehas ticked everything off last week’s to-do list. But it’s still the start of anew workweek – a great time to share plans and take decisive steps. In otherwords, holding a meeting on a Tuesday is a fabulous way to come up withbrilliant ideas and share them with others, too.

At Tuesday's, we make sure that every day of the weekfeels like a Tuesday. So it won’t matter on which day of the week you plan tohost your meeting – your meeting is guaranteed to be a hit if you host it atour place.

Who are we?

Boring, overly long, poorly organised… most meetingsfail to achieve what they set out to achieve. We felt it was time to change allthat. At Tuesday's, we believe that meetings can be meaningful and fun: quick,informative and ultimately effective. To help you attain this goal, Tuesday'soffers more than just an inspirational environment. We go above and beyond.Whether you wish to offer your guests a tour of the city or a Michelin-starreddinner at our downstairs neighbour, an informal setting for a post-meeting chator unique meeting tools: Tuesday's encourages you to take a different approachto your time and each other. In this way, we will help you make the most ofyour meeting.

How does Tuesday's work?

Organising a meeting involves more than picking a date and expecting everyone to show up brimming with brilliant ideas. To us, meetings are not successful unless you and your team leave the meeting room feeling energised and confident that you have made progress. We will help you attain this goal. First of all, we will do so through our booking tool, which will help you (and us!) figure out what kind of meeting you wish to schedule. We will use the results of this quick test to determine what kind of room, seating arrangement, meeting tools and other facilities are best suited to your purpose.

We'll make it work and we'll make it fun!

You’ll feel welcome as soon as you enter the building. Our host or hostess will be at your disposal all day; send him or her a message if you need some more water or wish to reschedule your lunch. Tuesday's will beat your disposal right from the first time you email us until the moment you leave the building, feeling energised and inspired.

At Tuesday's, prices for a meeting room start from 75 euros per hour, 225 euros for half a day or 425 euros for a full day.

Looking for a meeting venue?

Any questions about our facilities?

Inspiring interiors, state-of-the-art facilities, an excellent location and on-demand service: Tuesday's was designed specifically to make your meeting, get-together or training session both fun and meaningful.

Aan deze bedrijven hebben wij onze vergaderruimtes al verhuurd